Tascam DR-40 Digital Audio Recorder

The DR-40 is one of the most popular and versatile of Tascam's digital audio recorder offerings and is on par or exceeds the capabilities of one of the most well known handhelds, the Zoom H4n. The built in X-Y coincident pair microphones provide top notch recordings and can be easily flipped outward for AB style stereo recording as well. For those who need more flexibility and capability the DR-40 also provides two built in XLR microphone jacks. While this makes the DR-40 a little too large to easily fit in your pocket the added size allows Tascam to add in a bunch of additional features and capabilities not often found on recorders in this price range.

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There are lots of things about the DR-40 that this reviewer finds very appealing. One of the first and most important in my opinion is the large, easy to use set of buttons found on the front. They are large enough to be tactile and after a while a user can easily adjust things by memory without even having to look at the markings. The second big deal is the ability to record in four channel mode if you are using a pair of external mics connected to the unit in conjunction with the built in microphones. If you don't need four channel recording use the special dual recording mode that records a second copy of your audio but with the gain turned down to a lower level. Let's say you didn't have a chance to do a real sound check before things get started. The band plays their big number, the volume spikes and gets clipped. With the second, lower volume recording you always have a backup that you can use to turn a big problem into an easy fix.


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