The annual report on the state of online education

The annual report on the state of online education has found that the number of colleges and universities offering 4 year and associate online degree programs has increased.

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Which is good news for everyone.

However, the last 3 annual reports showed a very uneven distribution of online course and program offerings by type of institution. Public colleges and universities and the very large institutions in the UShave always been first with online degree offerings.

Private, small 4 year colleges have been least likely to offer online courses, and typically have they've received the most negative opinions about online education in general.

And this year's report is pretty much online the same line.This years results show no major changes from this type of pattern.The same large and public universities are still offering the most degrees online.

More than 96 percent of colleges and universities with more than 15,000 total enrollments have some online degree programs, which is more than double that of the smaller, private institutions.

The proportion of colleges and universities with completely online programs rises as the size of the instituion increases.

About two-thirds of the very largest institutions have degree programs that are completely online programs, while only about one-sixth of the smallest institutions have such programs.

Interestingly Doctoral and Research institutions have been shown to have the greatest depth of online programs and courses. Over 80% of these colleges and universities have some form of online program,either courses or full programs.

So you probably need to look toward the public university or a very large college to find an online degree program with a lot of depth and selection. The private colleges have them also, but you might not find exactly what you need.

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