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Imagine a straight line. This letter is about the history of music and the major artists that we all recognize and how things come to popularity and trends and how things sometimes pop up out of nowhere. At least nowhere expected. And sometimes those things are things that you never expected to come back to popularity. Anyway, this is also about more things and I simply must start getting to a point or else you'll get bored and want to stop reading.

I saw that this thing called Puddles Pity Party and it's a 7 foot tall clown with a clear crisp dynamic singing voice. Think Broadway meets what others are calling Tom Jones Well holy cow this guy was refreshing. Refreshing audibly and in presentation and refreshing in todays world is just about the best we can ask for. Isnt It? Who knows how long or short this guys career will be but NOBODY is doing clowns right now and even further, who besides arguably Gaga is doing presentation in light? EVERYONE has to bodyslam the viewer/listener with shock and sex in a competition to out-mug and out-sex and out-good and out-right the other people. I was so surprised with Puddles. Heres a guy who figured with his alarming size he needed something universally recognized to break through. Hes in this clown costume looking huge and ominous and performing with his totally commanding voice and no matter how one-dimensional is captivating.

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Who manages it all? Heres a question. What companies are successful right now who are primarily in the business of creating content? What companies today are successful by designing an infrastructure for content to live in? Arent those the bigger companies. The big companies are the ones creating infrastructure. Content is minimal compared to the utilitarian establishment. Are the geeks and smarties building lasting content or are they building infrastructure that funnels the content?

Same argument is that long lasting class argument, athletes get paid but the owners are the big bucks.

Nobody is watching the content creators.

Create the insane crazy things you have in your head. Well, Do the ones that don't harm people. Do those things and don't worry about relationships. Be open minded and relationships will come. Like-minded people will come. Nobody asked for an ominous giant clown that can sing but here he is. And it's great.

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