The Epilepsy/Autism Connection

There is some sort of neurological cognitive connection between epilepsy and the autism spectrum. It's unknown as to which causes the other, but it's very common for a child to be diagnosed with one of the above disorders and have it's counter part. Lucy was recently diagnosed with autism, now before the proverbial"autism doesn't exist" witch hunt begins, spend time with a child who has been diagnosed, before deciding to burn the doctors and parents at the stake. I'm not a licensed physician, but I do know my daughter's behavior is different that any other children I observe, including my other children. Even though Lucy's social skills are minimal at best, she has a strong obsession with puzzles, legos or any other type of toy that she is able to build structures with. She also notices things that most people wouldn't see. Case in point, during her physical therapy session she kept repeating "the puzzle is broken". We couldn't make heads or tails out of what she was saying until we noticed a puzzle on the counter that was completely covered with other items. We moved the items and noticed a piece to the puzzle was missing. We showed her the puzzle and she was finally satisfied that we figured out what she was trying to converse. She also has reversed speech, which could be caused by either the Autism or epilepsy. i.e. "I need to carry you" translates to "I want you to carry me.", or "I need red." meaning "I need juice." She will also associate colors with objects when pointing to an object. We've tried this with several objects, saying the object but then asking her to repeat what the object is, but she always states the color instead. She's currently undergoing physical therapy and speech therapy to aid her before she starts kindergarten. Her medications are still the same; slowing weaning from the Keppra to Lamictal.

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Her social skills are a different matter, something in which I hope changes before can begin school. With both the epilepsy and autism, she hates crowds with a passion and strangers..and especially other children. There are some people she has warmed up to like her cousins and family members and of course her siblings, but anyone outside her personal circle and she'll refuse to have anything to do with them, BUT once she does warm up to you, you'll get the full brunt of her actions and episodes, which I suppose is a comfort thing.

This morning she seems content playing with Dora figurines, making them climb towers and Barbie houses, which is a rare thing. So I'm going to leave her be and let her have these few moments of happiness.

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