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Making money by selling items online is profitable. Online auctions, classifieds and consignment sites are all great places to sell your old items or crafts.

Amazon and eBay are the two largest online markets. These sites are great for selling smaller items such as books or electronics. Etsy is an online auction site for artists or crafters. All of these sites do have requirements. You will have to agree to their selling guidelines. Also, you will need to set up an account with your personal, PayPal or credit card information.

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Auctions will charge a small fee or take a percentage of each sale. You need to do plenty of research if you use online auctions. Study similar items on the sites. Make sure your prices aren't too high or low. Take postage or shipping rates into account while pricing. Spending the time to create good ads with legible pictures will pay off with easy, quick sales.

Classified sites are a great way to sell larger items. LiveDeal or Craigslist both serve specific cities. Listing items on these sites is free. Using the classifieds may help you find a local buyer who will pick up or let you deliver the item. Eliminating shipping fees means more profit for you.

Consignment auctions offer another option to sellers. Picture It SOLD is a great user friendly site. Consignments do take a higher percentage out of items sold. Some sites may even take up to a 40 percent commission, so do your research before signing up.

Making money online is easy if you enjoy selling. Online auctions, classifieds, and consignments are all great ways to make money from old clothes, books, electronics or crafts.

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