Sure, it may not be an active light now, or have ever been one, but I just can't ignore the overly Acadian Chticamp Lighthouse!

For those who aren't knowledgable of Chticamp's history and culture, it's lighthouse may just be a dead giveaway. Brandished with the Acadian flag, the tiny seaside beacon sits on the towns harbour docks, welcoming any visitors coming in from the water.

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Since this light was never anything more than decorative, little of it's history is known. Sporting an average height and girth, only it's lack of balcony and extreme paint-job make it any different than the majority of Nova Scotia's lights. However, those little differences sure to stand out...

With little else to say about Chticamp's beacon, I will just sit back and let you bask in it and it's colourful surroundings'.

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