8bit Doves For Android Best Arcade Game

Now a great opportunity to amaze you with sensitive 2 button gameplay. A popular game, having a wonderful 4 colored world that permits you to push and find a positive way through the sky. In the 8bit Doves, your mission is to reach the safe exit point in every stage by flying carefully. Collect as many doves as you can because doves are the main key to success. Keep doves into a safe place and allow them to rest in a peace. There are Google Play leader boards and Social Networking stuff where you have compete the high scores of you friends or any other player, so now it is a good chance to tell the whole world that you are the best player of 8bit Doves for Android. There are many walls and various traps that put you in trouble, so be careful to cross the moving walls, speed boost zones, growing walls and more!

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8bit Doves apk for android includes many stages with various challenges where you can enjoy the every step and moment of game. To become a super mater, just solve the puzzles and unlock the different achievements. You can survive in this game by getting many doves on each stage. Here is pixel world of just 4 colours but the real thing is survival as we have said before it is the first priority to remain in game. Fun is never ended because you are trapped in VR world due to an ancient device and now you have been restricted from real world. Now the dream world is your real world as you have been captured as a prisoner by Doves and there is no any exit way. You have only imaginations to escape but real way is still far away from your reach. Good thing from this app is that developer has provide some fictions stuff and he said to parents about their duty to keep restrict their children too.

8bit Doves Android free game has more enhanced performance from much game because the game boy graphics made it something special. It is not as simple game as you are thinking for but it will definitely reduce your frustration. Here are three level packs with different dream themes which are; Sweet Dreams, Deep Sleep & Nightmare. From the award winning Nitrome studio, it has great quality of graphics and pixel art. Not only the best way of playing but also the controls are as easy as 2 button plays is available which is the best suitable way to play any game. Just download 8bit Doves Apk and keep it in your Mobiles/Tablets for spending your hours with fun.


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