I have been in direct sales since the early 90?s. I started out...

I have been in direct sales since the early 90?s. I started out selling Mary Kay cosmetics. I am sure that most everyone has heard of Mary Kay but if you haven't she was one of first ladies to introduce cosmetics to the direct sales industry. I sold Mary Kay for a few years before the entire area filled up with Mary Kay reps and it just wouldn't work anymore. I moved on and then started selling Tupperware. I was with Tupperware for 8 years until I had to leave for personal reasons. When I joined Tupperware we convinced them to get online and let us, the consultants start our selling online. It really took off and well, the rest is history.

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What did it take to convince Tupperware that having a presence online would work? Our persistence to market the product to the millions of people online. Direct sales really do have a huge influence in the internet marketing field as well as affiliate marketing. When you are a direct sales rep, you are also an affiliate, although we provide customer service and an affiliate usually does not. An affiliate let's the owner of the product they are selling deal with customer service issues, although if an affiliate markets themselves correctly and knows the product they are selling, they can also provide customer service, which will help them in gaining more potential sales. So, all in all, we are all the same, just have different titles.

What I am getting at is that it doesn't matter what your title is, what matters is how and where you prefer to conduct your business and if you choose to interact with potential customers. The Internet is surely one of the best ways to gain business because you have access to the worldwide population and with so many different avenues to choose from, than if you we're to conduct your business offline, out in the real world. Instant messengers, Skype, email, twitter, facebook, etc you can't reach if you market yourself and/or product offline. It's an awesome way to meet new people and introduce people in ways which you never dreamed of.

I am happy to say that I am now back with Tupperware and within my first 30 days of business, I introduced the opportunity to 5 people who we're eager to join me once again! What an awesome feeling!! And I am back with Longaberger, whom I had to leave previously as well. These are both awesome companies that I truly believe in and their products are just out of this world. Tupperware offers a life time warranty on most of their products and Longaberger offers collectible baskets that actually gain value the longer they are kept and maintained, plus they offer their own line of dishes called Woven Traditions and many more awesome products, all of which are great to not only entertain with and to enhance your decor but also offer easy ways to organize, which will follow in another post.

So, it doesn't matter what you sell or what your "title" is, what matters is how you sell your product! We are all internet and affiliate marketers regardless of what we sell because we are all online conducting our business

For more information about Tupperware, please visit http://my2.tupperware.com/lbond and Longaberger http://lindasbasketstore.com

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